Art Nouveau Lady Slipper Orchid Vases by Blanche Poccard de Saintilau, 1902

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  • Art_Nouveau_Lady_Slipper_Orchid_Vases_by_Blanche_Poccard_de_Saintilau,_1902 slide8
  • Art_Nouveau_Lady_Slipper_Orchid_Vases_by_Blanche_Poccard_de_Saintilau,_1902 slide9

Pair of circa-1902, Art Nouveau vases with a two color patina bronzed surface. Cast in spelter metal, these vases are by the French sculptor, Blanche Poccard de Saintilau. They are signed along the edge “Salon 1902 Bl. Poccard.”
Each vase measures over 12" tall and are decorated with a raised design of lady slipper orchid flowers. They each retain their original copper liners although one has some denting to the top rim.
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Spelter Metal (spelter is a zinc metal, which is sometimes mixed with lead)
Dimensions (WxDxH):
7.5"W x 5,5"D x 12.75"H
Excellent with age appropriate patina
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