Gordon Onslow Ford Crayon on Paper

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Gordon Onslow Ford crayon on restaurant paper. About the Artist: Gordon Onslow Ford (1912 - 2003) was born in Wendover, England. Influenced by family members, his painting career began at an early age. In 1947, Ford moved from Mexico to California. There, he was invited to present a retrospective showing of his art in 1948, "Toward the New Subject in Painting", an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Art. It was here that he presented his new direction in painting called "the exploration of inner worlds". Paalen joined Ford in 1951, and together with painter Lee Mullican, an exhibition entitled "Dynaton" was created. This exhibition marked the beginning for the "quest of the inner worlds", firmly establishing the future direction of Onslow Fords artistic endeavors. The Dynaton group believed that "a work of Art has to bring about an awareness of universal concerns through momentary suspense of purpose; any incitation to immediate action prevents this state of ego-transcending awareness Art could provide an equivalent for what in the East is called meditation." While living in San Francisco, Ford met Greek painter Jean Varda. In 1949, they purchased and converted the ferryboat Vallejo into their studios, which they docked in Sausalito. The ferryboat would soon attract many artists and become a waterfront cultural center; its happenings were often reported on by San Francisco columnist Herb Caen.

For more information about Mr. Ford please go to askart.com.
Crayon on paper
Dimensions (WxDxH):
Unframed - 22.5"w x 15.25"h
Excellent with age appropriate patina
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